Beat the heat with Bajaj air coolers

Published: 02nd March 2011
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If you searching for a cost effective method to keep your home and office space cool during the summer then you must buy air cooler. Air coolers are designed to beat the heat of any dry or low humid climatic situation and a good substitute to air conditioning systems, for those can't afford to buy them. Air coolers India is a really vast market that includes range of brands presenting different sizes of air coolers for residential and business purpose. Among them, Bajaj air coolers have marked their distinct presence with its latest designs and quality.

There are two types of popular range of bajaj air coolers, evaporative air cooler and portable air coolers. The areas that are low humid in nature, evaporative air coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are most appropriate for them as this type of coolers not only provide natural cooling but more energy efficient also. The extensive energy saving feature has made evaporative coolers most popular choice among the consumers. The minimum maintenance and the filtered air techniques are the added bonuses of this type of air coolers. Another benefit, worth maintaining of evaporative coolers is the installation cost that is almost half in comparison to the install charge of an air conditioning unit.

Guided by the natural evaporation procedure, it can lower indoor heat up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Evaporation coolers utilize only 25 percent of the total energy used by an air conditioning system for cooling purpose. The DC series models offered by Bajaj, including DC2004 and the DC2009 SLEEQ are the example of evaporative coolers. Futures of these two models include rust proof body material, consistent water distribution, water level indicator system and sleek design.

Portable air coolers of this brand are very much in demand as it can be fitted anywhere in home. TC 2008 and TC2007 are the models of portable coolers offered by Bajaj. These portable models have four way air spreading system and three speed blower control that spreads air all over the place and the ice chamber featured with chill trap technology allow it to make cool. The wheels attached to the cooler body make these coolers easy to place anywhere in a home. PC2007 RC is a model of the portable all season cooler with a sleek design. The model is equipped with rotating grill and a blower fan that spreads cool air almost every direction with minimum noise. PC2007 RC model features a fragrance chamber and a dim light for a peaceful sleep. So, beat this summer in cost effective way by purchasing Bajaj air coolers.

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